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About Firststep Affiliates

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About Firststep Affiliates

Hey you!!! , Are you tired? Follow me!!!

“I’m going to take you are on a journey.”  Your First steps to a new M.B.V.E. Everything starts with the Mind, Our Body fuels our creativity, And our Vision Sets our path. And Encouragement gives us the strength to press on when it gets tough. Let’s take our First Steps Affiliated together. Welcome to First Step Affiliates.

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Why Not Me:

I’m tired;  I’m in the rat race. Mentally I was broken, My body is a work in process, My vision for two decades was dead. Let me explain when I was in high school Warren Central ( my Alma mater) Naptown (lol). It was the best time of my life; I knew what I wanted to do, that was play football, when I tore my left ACL I worked my ass off to get back. My Junior year was rehabbing getting ready for the season. In gym class my Senior year I tore my other ACL (wtf). I got lost and went to work, And I have been working ever since.

“I was lost.” I’ve been in commission sales for Over 18 yrs, and I see the shift changing to online. But I don’t have the education or the money to get started. I kept making excuses, angry at life. First thing I did I went to seek help and went and seen a psychologist and got the help “I needed: I started reading working on my Mind. Still, without a purpose, I was just drifting.

I was fed up with working for someone else. “I Tell You I was Tired” being told when you have to be there when I can take a break when I have to come back from the break when I could go home. How? “I’m grown.” Then an Angel was given to me and opened my eyes to a new frontier. I got my mind right; my angel led me to my Vision, now the Body is a work in progress. (lol)
I only surround myself with encouragement, “You feel me.”

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My Vision

We have been taught from the beginning to be an employee; we depend on someone else to provide our needs. We were all born into a system. And if that system shifts and were not prepared for that shift, you are at a disadvantage. People everywhere want someplace to get information as inexpensive as possible with the highest results. Nothing is free I’m learning this as I build this program.

The Vision for First Step Affiliates will evolve, and we will develop together. But for now its all about Mind, Body, Vision, and Encouragement. We are all in control of our destiny, but we haven’t been taught how to do it for ourselves. “I want to give you are as much free information as I can.” I will also lead you to the things I am currently using to help me improve myself. Everything has a process, and we must commit to a method, to be successful. Follow me as we build and perfect this community together.

The Information we need is out there, but no one but a few companies is willing to give you that information. Together we will learn a new trade and profit off of the 3.75 billion people on the internet, and that number grows every day. I want to provide a place where you can meet MY 4 basic principles. Mind, Body, Vision, and Encouragement. The 2 percent can coordinate together to withhold information. Then I believe the 98 percent can blow the system up. (lol) Come with me and enjoy your journey. Let’s go to a place you will belong.

The Promise

If you promise to invest time in yourself, I promise to give you the tools to accomplish your goals. If you are not willing to work on your Mind, Body, Vision, and Encouragement, PLEASE LEAVE. Your energy is not wanted. Marketing is not a natural process. I promise you will challenge yourself.

I promise you won’t be a millionaire overnight. I promise you will be a better you. I promise you will have to invest in you. I Promise I will provide you the necessary tools to give you the advantage, of telling your story like I’m doing it now. If you’re scared of the what if happens, you will always be remembered as the what if person. “Failure is education, don’t be scared to be educated,” I Promise your dreams of being financially independent is possible if you have the backbone to see it through.

Invest in yourself “faith without works is dead.”
If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you are out.

All the best,

B. A Harrison


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