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Be a Wealthy Affilliate

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Be a Wealthy Affilliate

Be a wealthy affiliate – The reason I did it

I looked at so many programs and had no idea what was going on. I didn’t understand the reasons why I was doing certain things; the details were missing. I grew very frustrated, knowing it can be done, seeing people making money.

But how did they do it? It was like OK, you now have access to their banners, here are your links, download this download that “STOP” Why am I doing this?  No answer. Affiliate companies get paid through leads; they can give you all the links, discounts you need.

Their job is to provide the product; your job is to promote the product, that’s your job. Be a wealthy affiliate, the reason I did it. I’ll share with you, why, and if you decide. Feel free to start your journey.

I needed help

I signed up for wealthy affiliates, and it’s proving itself. I am blown away by the information; I’m receiving. It’s the reason’s, why you write a post, how do you target customers, how to promote a niche I like.

The Information I found here was everything I was missing. How you make money online, why you do the different steps they teach you and the tools I needed to be successful. If I had questions, they’re forums on every topic with people eager to help.

What I’ve learned in this short period is invaluable and will allow me to do different things. There many people paying 10s of thousands of dollars to learn what they are giving away for pennies, compared to what they could charge.

My progress, I’m amazed

I had no training in online marketing. I had nowhere to start or where to begin. With the information I am receiving, I am building my site, and I have access to create 49 more sites. I understand how to get traffic to my site.

I’ve learned about how relevant content is contingent on getting rankings, and I’m confident I can build other sites based on my niche. Pulling in income from multiple sources, I’m amazed at how far I have come in just a short amount of time.

This ride is indeed an enjoyable experience. I feel, with what I have learned and will continue to learn from the community. I will be successful. And I can bring others through this process and will be confident they will succeed.

What to expect.

Expect to get started immediately; once you start up, you are in the process of finding your niche, and building your site, quickly. Wealthy Affiliate caught me off guard, but as I got into it and understood why I was doing what I was told, it made sense. Getting into a rhythm was easy.

I have a whole community of people who are willing to help me along the way. Now you will do a ton of writing. You will need a laptop or a computer. And expect to get started right away. Be prepared to take plenty of notes, because the information will become with each class fast furious.

I truly believe with this web-based platform you will be able to build a great foundation. I will suggest to anyone who wants to start their own online business and want to learn the steps and the reasoning behind it to Join Wealthy Affiliates. Join it’s free to start up. After my first two classes, I signed up for platinum membership. The Best investment I’ve made into myself by far.



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