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How to lose weight Get Motivated Move your Body

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How to lose weight Get Motivated Move your Body

Losing weight can be
hard if you make it hard. Losing weight can be fun. How to lose weight, get
motivated and move. How many houses are on your street. Race your kids. A quick
burst of energy, and then sit down lol. Catch your breath. And throughout the
day, keep moving. And over time that quick burst gets your heart rate up and
you burn the weight.  If you have fun while you’re losing, it will come
off faster than you know.  Because it’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle.

Water Water Water

I’m not going to get all
technical. You need to exchange sweet drinks for some good old fashion water.
Not saying don’t indulge in your favorites but instead. Use your sweet drinks
as a reward per bottle waters you drink. I get a treat for every three bottles of water. I’ll drink water at work; when I get off, I’ll drink what I want. Whatever works for you, At least get started drinking water. Our bodies are made up of
predominantly water. Our bodies crave what it wants. Check this out most of the
time we fill hungry it’s our bodies telling us it’s thirsty before you eat
drink bottled water, if you’re not hungry afterward you were just thirsty.
If you are still hungry, eat something.

Oh, My Goodness Give me my Fruits and Vegetables.

What you put in your refrigerator,
freezer cabinets are what you eat.  Not saying give up entirely all the
foods you love.  But a late-night bowl of grapes or strawberries will do
the job, and it’s not as heavy as a bowl of ice cream.  You don’t have to
count calories; you can eat whatever you want if you eat healthier
foods then bad foods.  We are a fast society, pop it in the microwave and
cook, and it’s done.  But with fruits and vegetables its ready out the
bag.  Exchange your usual pleasures with natural fruits and vegetables.
Not only will this help you lose weight its food you like, and it’s all
natural.  Stay away from the box foods.  Try to avoid anything in a
box. Cook take your lunch to work. Stay out of vending machines.


The PO’ Mans Diet

This diet is beneficial
your cutting out just five foods in your diet, and you can eat what you
want except for dairy, white potatoes, white rice, white bread, and pasta. If
you are a milk drinker, use 1 percent milk.  This diet was effective for me.
When I upped my water consumption and started exchanging the late-night snacks
with fruits and vegetables,

my weight started shedding off.  For me
being a man 400lbs and losing 105 in a matter of 8 months doing this
diet.  I still have long ways to go.  But I am a work in progress.

Move Your Body

I’m going to spend some
time here, the most effective thing you can do to get your weight under
control, to shed the lbs. Is a straightforward solution just move.  I don’t
mean, go to the gym seven days a week, or run/ walk a lot of miles.  I mean
just start moving.  Walk around your neighborhood, take the stairs when
you can.  Have fun chasing your kids around the yard (I found this to be
most effective) the kids have fun giggling you have fun chasing them and your losing
weight in the process.  Go dancing, go swimming.  Just get up and
move turn the music on in the house get with the family and have dance
night.  A body that’s not in motion only gains, a body in motion, loses
weight cause your burning as you go.  We have become lazy; everything is
at our fingertips.  We are content with just sitting around and watching
tv, playing video games, on our phones.  My suggestion is just merely to start
moving.  Enjoy your city or town. Play with your kids. Just get
moving. When you add the water the fruits and vegetables and cut a lot of the
white foods, you eat. And when you start running you can’t lose.  You will
lose weight, just do it at your pace.


You Can Do This

I want you to succeed in whatever
you do in life.  You must want it; your body is the key to your
success.  If you’re going to learn how to start your own business, you need to
have the energy and the mental power to be able to handle the grind. It’s not
easy like anything else, but it’s very possible.  I hate with a passion
working out.  I’ve seen when I started this I didn’t have the energy I
needed to be as effective as I could be.  So, the above things I’ve laid
out are things I did to shed over 100lbs.  There are plenty supplements
workout routines you can take advantage of them. But you must take the first step to
make it a reality.  If you can take the time and focus on what you want,
what you need you will accomplish it will appear.  For me, I had to find the energy to
keep up. Plus, I wasn’t happy with what I saw in the mirror.  I had
the attitude that if people didn’t love me, for me then I didn’t need
them.  I also realized that was my excuse not to move. In all honesty, I didn’t
like what I saw in the mirror.  So, I decided to make some changes, I’ve
fallen off the wagon a few times and resorted to bad habits, and when I caught
myself, I corrected it.  If you’re comfortable where you are then, that’s awesome,
But if you want to change your physical appearance start moving, drink a lot
more water, cut out the white foods, and eat more fruits and vegetables as you
can.  In the long run, it will only benefit you for the better.
Losing weight cures a lot of diseases, because these illnesses sit in the fat
cells and the mucus our bodies hold in.  I’m not here to tell you what to
do I’m here to encourage you to be the best you.






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It is mind over matter. If you want it it will happen I want to commend you for your weight loss. It shows the self-awareness and the persistence of your character. Weight loss is truly something that we all have to come to grips with, success is on you.

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